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interesting book list

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Well, I'm glad it included The Star Fraction. I really liked … well … not just the political viewpoints themselves in that book, but the way the characters related to their political environment. The way they acted about politics was as alien to me as any portrayal of a septuple-sexed jelly-being's childhood, and since worldbuilding is one of the main reasons I read SF, it made the story that much more interesting. (I get the feeling that the situation was less alien to the author, but that could also be a considered misdirection on the author's part…)

I'll have to flip through more of that list some time when I do not have the head-explodey.
I've never been able to finish Star Fraction, or most of his other books, just because the politics are /too/ alien. If the characters were alien as well, or the settings somewhere else, it'd be easier to take, but with humans on Earth, it just sends my suspension of disbelief out the window. Even trying to look at it as alternate history didn't help me much.
thanks for posting this list. *sigh* I can see I have many more books to read and never enough time! I have read a couple of titles on the list. Actually, I read _The Dispossessed_ when I was about 15 - I got it from my high school library. I don't think they had any idea what it was about (this was in southwest Florida, where it's fairly conservative). But then again, you know, it was *just* science fiction. My point that I was going to make, however, was that that particular book was instrumental in forming how I look at the world today. I am very interested in anarchic principles and how they can be practiced in the world - with compassion and social justice being key components. (Note to self: don't try to post things when your brain is still in bed.)
I hadn't thought of Wicked that way. Interesting. It certainly is what he says it is, but I was much more involved with the relationships.

"Ayn Rand ... Know your enemy." *snicker*